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What is Internet Relay Chat?

Its a common internet protocol used to communicate with other individuals through a host like (our current host). Think of Instant messaging or text messaging, but with real active individuals or bots responding and communicating with each other through the use of their ip ports open (usually at port 6667). Its mainly a server-client system, where on hosts a computer where people can connect form and chat, and a client joins the computer "room." In the client and server usage of other commands exist depending what type of IRC client/service the user has to do certain tasks. For example, you can send a file to someone or a group of people using a common command like dcc-send to send a file. Others include playing music and showing streaming video footage, etc....

Currently, our irc channel is at, so in a client you would generally type commands like these:


Then you would type the channel to join in the server

/join #GOLUG

and type right away.

hello world!

It is highly recommended that you read the manual of your chosen irc client/service because it will contain platform specific commands and allow you to become aware of nice features you could use in the future.

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