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About GoLUG

GoLUG, which means Greater Orlando Linux User's Group, is a group of Linux enthusiasts that like to get together once a month and talk Linux to everyone else involved. We're a social group that has informational values towards teaching each other Linux, from the basics to even some of the more advanced topics.

If you're interested in learning more about Linux and you're in the Orlando area of Florida, we would love to see you at our meetings!

Meeting Times

We hold our meetings once a month on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 7:00pm, lasting till around 9:00pm.

After our main meeting, we also tend to have the "after-meeting" social get-together at the local Steak 'N Shake (usually) till whenever everyone gets tired and needs to go home.

Meeting Location

Our meeting location may not always be at the same location. It is always best to check the [Main_Page|Main Page] to see where are current meeting place will be held.

Otherwise, this is our current meeting place:

114 W. 1st St., Suite 246
Sanford, FL 32771-1273
Get Directions
Where To Park
NOTE: Call Henry Richardson at 407-437-8343 for entry.

Social Information

Outside of our meetings, we have various other forms of communication within the group. Below are the alternative means to communicate with the group:

Everyone worldwide is welcome to participate our high signal to noise mailing list, and socialize in our IRC channel!

Who is Whom?


  1. kc4zvw -- David Billsbrough
  2. stevelitt -- Steve Litt
  3. kmk -- Kevin Korb
  4. jdlspeedy -- Joe LeBlanc
  5. knightblader -- David T. Harris
  6. UForgotten -- Jesse Rhoads
  7. TechTodd -- Todd C Franks
  8. Psi-Jack -- Eric Renfro Linux-Help Website, Facebook, Google+