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Proposed Future Topics

It's now 2020 and this really needs updating!

 Proposed *BSD version

Requested Topics

  • Setting up and maintaining a mail server --presenter: Eric Renfro
  • Debugging and tracing problematic applications using tools like gdb, valgrind, Intel's pin &: strace --knightblader --tentative presenter Eric Renfro
  • FreePascal and Lazarus also ... ⊗ David B. --tentative David B. and Steve Litt
  • How to setup a PXE server to do remote installs -- tentative presenters: Michael Salisbery an/or Alex Harris
  • Crypto-currency (why and how)
  • How to build a port or package of your software -- David B.
  • Introduction and usage of FreeNAS
  • Linux sound explained: PulseAudio, OSS, ALSA, and etc ...
  • Shells: hints, hinderances and tricks (Examples)
  • Using precompiled headers in GCC / Eclipse. --Me262
  • How to setup a FreeRadius server. --Steve Litt
  • Secret trick of IRC servers/clients -- David

Revised: 30-March-2015